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  • Are You As Secure As You Think Online? -

    The amount of information we share on our computers is shocking. I never actually think twice when ticking the ‘save my password’ button or when we tell the computer to save our bank details. If you come to think about it, if someone ever hacks our computers, they pretty much have access to our life. But then again that thought just slips over our minds as we all think the same “That’ll never happen to me.” – But it might.


    We will all probably have around 12 accounts all set up

  • Is Your Online Information Secure? -

    Cyber Security has been in the news a lot over the last week, namely the Tesco Bank fiasco over the weekend. Cyber criminals managed to get hold of over £2.5 million from approximately 9,000 customers’ accounts. Are the alarm bells ringing? Is this the start of a bank hack spree?

    The chief executive of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), Andrew Bailey, described the attack as “serious and unprecedented”. This leads me to start thinking, were the bank prepared for this? Why was the hack not spotted straight away? Clearly, this should

  • The Cloud Computing Big 10! -

    The Cloud Computing Big 10!

    2016 has seen the biggest shake up of the Cloud market since the industry first came to prominence. Acquisitions and NPD projects are too numerous to cover in this article alone and one thing is for sure... 2017 is set to eclipse this all over again! Below is the BIG 10 - a list of top tech titans and rising stars we think deserve recognition for contributions to this global industry...

    SAP - with the $8.3bn takeover of Concur in 2014 starting to bear fruit, SAP's 2016