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  • Are Businesses Making The Most Of Virtual Reality? -

    VR is making huge waves in our society at the moment, it’s come on in leaps and bounds, with investments from tech veterans like Google, there’s no denying that VR is something companies should be using. But there’s one industry that’s making the most of this, recruitment!

    Companies are now beginning to use VR as means of not only attracting candidates but assessing them and interviewing them. VR allows employers to give candidates an experience of that their company is like, for example through a walkthrough of the office, or a

  • How Will AI Transform Business As We Know It? -

    AI is coming on leaps and bounds in our society, it’s been dominating news headlines as of late because of these advancements. But what does this mean for businesses?

    Businesses are already using AI to some extent. Research by ‘Harvard Business Review’ stated that 44% of businesses were using AI for ‘detecting and deterring’ security intrusions. AI is also being used in marketing too. 19% of businesses were using AI to anticipate future customer purchases and presenting offers accordingly and there’s no doubt that this number will continue to grow as

  • Farewell to Flash! Which software stalwarts are next? -

    The pieces of software we know and love are changing before our eyes. News is emerging constantly about how software is changing and updating. Advancements in tech and software have broken barriers, allowing us to do and create things that we never thought were possible. But what does this mean for our beloved 'antique' software like Microsoft Paint and Adobe Flash?

    Microsoft Paint has been around for 32 years now, so when Microsoft put Paint on the list of “Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update”