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  • It’s Time To Bridge The Skills Gap… -

    The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is starting up a series of extracurricular clubs in order to teach children cyber security skills. This is due to the serious lack of IT security talent. As part of the governments National Cyber Security programme, up to £20m of funding is available to support the set-up of clubs through schools with the aim to teach 6,000 teenagers cyber security skills by 2021.

    These school clubs will be used to seek out the next generation of cyber security professionals and give them the

  • Australia Cyber Strategy Update -

    In recent news, the government has just updated/expanded their cyber security strategy. They have increased the guidelines from 4 points to 8. Hopefully this will help Australia become an even safer and switched on nation in the war against cyber-crime.

    Here is a brief outline of the 8 points the ASD has outlined…

    Application Whitelisting – Downloading unwanted/unauthorised applications can cause a lot of problems. Something that may seem safe could turn out to be a serious malware virus amongst other things. To prevent this, the ASD wants to stop all but
  • Simple Methods to Improve Online Safety -

    The amount of information we share on our computers is shocking. We never actually think twice when we tick the ‘save my password’ button or when we tell the computer to save out bank details. If you come to think about it, if someone ever hacks our computers, they pretty much have access to our life. But then again that thought just slips over our minds as we all think the same “That’ll never happen to me.” – But it might.


    We will all probably have around 12 accounts all set