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  • Fingerprint Security…Not So Secure? -

    Our smartphones very rarely leave our hands. We rely on them more than we realise, our entire lives are stored in theses small devices. Phone companies such as Apple and Android are constantly looking for new security features to add to their newest models. One of the most popular within the past few years has been the fingerprint scanner. This little feature has made it incredibly easier to unlock your phone, log into your bank apps and with services such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, buy anything we want in

  • Transformation in Education -

    Education is forever transforming, gone are the days of blackboards and hello technology. I remember being in school when they first introduced ‘Smart Boards’. Students go through school preparing to enter the real world which is highly dominated by digital transformation. There’s not a day where we don’t use some form of technology, we’re all glued to our smart phones for one.

    The digital transformation happening in classrooms couldn’t be possible without high-speed Internet, one of the many obstacles schools face when they try get online. In 2013, ConnectED, was launched

  • Virtual Verification Of Identity – What Exactly Is It? -

    New virtual verification of identity (VOI) has been released in Australia and it’s certainly causing a stir! So, what exactly is VOI? How will it impact my life? Will it benefit me in any way? Find out below…

    VOI allows lenders and mortgage brokers to verify new customers to relevant anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing standards through a cloud-based application. When filling out an application at the minute you need to visit the branch in person. At the minute, old school verification methods are falling short of consumer’s expectations. Is having