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  • Cloud in business: Public or Private? Why not both? -

    The term “cloud” is (by now) expected to pop up in nearly any conversation around end-user technologies. Most of us have a pretty solid understanding of what the term “cloud” means and for those of you who don’t, it’s essentially using infrastructure and storage which is not (usually) on premises, or accessing software, through the internet. Traditionally, one would have to fork out the capital (Capex) for servers and technology to support the data housing, whereas cloud based services are usually subscription based (Opex).

    Since Google’s CEO (at the time, Eric

  • Microsoft and NHS Agreement: Too Little Too Late? -

    With growing advancements in all things technology, the vulnerability of systems is becoming more apparent. However, this inevitably leads to serious progression in cyber security…

    In the wake of a huge attack on the NHS, that affected 20% of their systems, the NHS have signed a security agreement with Microsoft. This agreement will cover all NHS organisations within the UK until June 2018 and includes updates across Windows systems within the NHS, including the likes of Windows XP.

    This oversight wouldn’t have come cheap, Juniper reported that “The cost of cybercrime is

  • Are Businesses Using UX to Its Full Potential? -

    Recently I was pleasantly surprised by my experiences with Jet2 and it got me thinking about the values of user experience. It’s a crucial aspect of every single business, that many aren’t utilising for maximum impact.

    My experience with Jet2 was personalised, tailored to me and made me feel like I had an opinion! This was certainly noticeable from my usual airline Ryan Air, who despite using regularly, I only ever feel like a number.

    So, that begs the question…How can businesses use UX software to its full potential?

    It’s no secret that all businesses