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  • Virtual Verification Of Identity – What Exactly Is It? -

    New virtual verification of identity (VOI) has been released in Australia and it’s certainly causing a stir! So, what exactly is VOI? How will it impact my life? Will it benefit me in any way? Find out below…

    VOI allows lenders and mortgage brokers to verify new customers to relevant anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing standards through a cloud-based application. When filling out an application at the minute you need to visit the branch in person. At the minute, old school verification methods are falling short of consumer’s expectations. Is having
  • Exponential Growth in the Tech Industry… -

    Deloitte have recently released their Fast winners of 2016. This list is always a great indicator in regards to which companies are performing brilliantly and what sector/services are growing from strength to strength. Payment service companies are every present in the top 20 as they continue to evolve and innovate, but the number 1 goes to Brainlabs, a digital marketing agency. It’s incredible what a couple of years can do! Without further ado, here's the top 20 of the fast track list...

    Brainlabs (£655,13k) - 8255% Growth Rate:

    Brainlabs is a programmatic, paid

  • Introducing The ‘E-ID’… -

    Everyone needs a trusted digital identity. Passwords are nowhere near as secure as they used to be, and for many people, are not practical anymore. Some digital services don’t allow password registration to mitigate security risk. Let me introduce the E-ID, a concept that has just launched with the aim of replacing passwords and providing everyone with a convenient and secure service.

    What is it?

    Verisec is the company launching the product. It will come in the form of a mobile application which can be downloaded to the user’s phone. The E-ID is