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  • 6 personalities in every office – and how to manage them -

    This article was originally posted on The Next Web.

    The best managers create productive and engaging work environments for team members. That’s why, according to Gallup’s recent State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders report, managers account for 70 percent of the variance in employee engagement. In other words, good managers increase employee engagement, and that makes teams more productive.

    So, how do they do it? What do they know about their team members that other managers don’t?

    Personality is the key

    The more managers understand about personality, and the different

  • 10 Productivity Tips to Help You Work at Your Best -

    This article was originally posted on Business To Community.

    We all want to be as productive as we can with as little effort as possible. However, it’s important to not only be productive, but also efficient. When we work, we need to have the resources to get us through our day in the best way possible.

    1) Stay positive

    It’s always a good idea to stay positive in all areas of your life, and work is no exception. Positivity helps with your motivation and drive

  • 7 Creative and Fun Ways to Manage Your Time -

    This post was originally found in Time.

    I am swamped. Requests from colleagues, friends and family leave me with no time to do any actual work. I can’t ignore any of the aforementioned things and it’s impossible to cram them all into an eight-hour day.

    But time management isn’t about taking shortcuts in your thinking time, it’s about finding shortcuts for the mundane, administrative and repetitive, in order to make way for the creative, strategic and dare I say… fun? As a busy carpooling mom of three boys (two of