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  • The History of Hacking -

    Hacking. It's one of the most controversial topics in the cyber security industry, whether it be 'ethical' hacking or malicious. Regularly we see in the news of data breaches due to hacks, companies fined millions of pounds for allowing such breaches, and no one knowing how it happened. But, when did hacking start? Lucky for us TBG Security created a 'timeline' of hacking, from Robert Morris' "worm" to the Master Card and Visa hack, below are some of the key points in the history of hacking...

    Robert Morris creates the 'Morris Worm'

  • Welcome Matt! -

    Here at Logical, our team work with dedication and passion. This couldn't be truer as we welcome Matt to our family!

    Matt is currently head of the UK Technical Division at Logical.

    We asked Matt to summarise his career at Logical..."Since joining Logical my core responsibility has been the restructure of our UK based Technical division, defining new verticals with a focus on better utilising my knowledge and expertise of Software & Web Development. I hope to continue building upon the success of this division moving into the future, providing more opportunities

  • Welcome Charlotte! -

    Here at Logical Resources we only hire the best, and Charlotte is certainly cut from the same cloth! From day one she has shown real passion and determination, and it is clear to us that Charlotte will fit in perfectly.

    Charlotte is currently the National Account Manager, whilst training to be a consultant. And she's doing a wonderful job!

    We asked Charlotte to summarise the start of her career at Logical..."Whilst developing my Vertical in Ed Tech and security I have been working closely alongside the consultants to source