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  • How Will Blind Recruitment Affect You? -

    As many of you will be aware ‘Blind Recruitment’ has been a hot topic in the news this week as leading employers and universities are being asked to remove candidate’s names from their application before reviewing.


    The government initiative has been set up with a view to eliminating discrimination when it comes to the recruitment process. It has been revealed that applicants with ‘white names’ received a much higher success rate in applications than those with ‘ethic names’.


    Major employers such as the BBC and HSBC have already implemented the scheme as

  • Lure Passive Candidates With Strategic Sourcing and Nurturing -

    In a candidate-driven labour market, even people who aren't looking for new jobs can be enticed to join your organization when employees, recruiters and hiring managers are all enabled to sell the company’s employer value proposition to these passive candidates.

    Scarcity is the new reality, said Jennifer Johnston, head of global employer branding and recruitment marketing at Salesforce, a cloud-computing firm based in San Francisco. “Many of the people we want to hire are already employed. We have to spend a lot of time and energy in prying them loose. The

  • 4 Ways To Stop Your CV From Becoming ‘Junk’ Mail -

    Most job applicants assume that once the “Send” button is pressed, the email and any attachments that go along with it, like the resume, will go directly to the hiring manager’s email inbox. What many don’t realize is that there’s the chance it’ll get filtered into spam mail because of the content it contains.

    There are easy fixes to help ensure your email and resume doesn’t wind up as junk mail. Follow these tips:

    1. Be selective with words used in the subject line and the body of the email.

    There are certain