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  • Selfies to replace passwords within 5 years? -

    10 years ago, even 5, this concept would have been laughed off by pretty much everyone. Years in the making, Mastercard has now launched its ‘Selfie’ payment software across Europe, and it seems as though it could revolutionise the way we purchase everything. Here’s everything you need to know about this futuristic piece of software.

    So, what exactly is a ‘Selfie’ payment?

    Mastercard has come up with a way of authenticating payments without the need for password or card details, simply by analysing your biometrics. Users can use the Identity Check Mobile

  • Will this technology help unlock the full potential of our NHS? -

    The NHS is constantly under scrutiny. There seems to be so much pressure at the minute on UK doctors and working hours. As a result, there is a massive focus on how we can improve this service to benefit both patients and staff alike. Could technology be the key to easing the huge strain put on our doctors, nurses and NHS staff? Is it being utilised as effectively as it should? One of the most effective tools in the USA for minimising these risks is bed management software. But why

  • The Digital Age is upon us…Are YOU Ready? -

    A recent PwC report brought up the question that is on every Business Leaders lips… with technology advancing at enormous rates and the new ‘millennials’ (people born in the 1980’s to 2000’s) entering the workplace at enormous rates – is your business ready to attract future talent or do you need to shape up?

    It is estimated that over 50% of the workforce will be made up of these millennials by 2020. Most employers are already feeling the pain of trying to attract talent with skills forever in demand, there is