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  • 5 Ways You Can Proactively Work to Improve Your Employee Retention - 5 Ways You Can Proactively Work to Improve Your Employee Retention This was originally published on the MassPay blog.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2.8 million people quit their jobs in March 2015, putting it back to pre-recession levels.

    This is expected to accelerate as employees grow more confident in the economy amid a rising number of job openings.

    That’s why employee retention should really worry companies, from a talent drain perspective and from a competitive standpoint.

    Why retention is so critical

    For employees, this is now “their time” to make a move. They’ve worked in

  • The Latest Jobseeker to Join LinkedIn – Hillary Clinton -

    This article was originally posted on talent.linkedin.com

    When talent is looking for a new job, they often update their profile. Or, in the case of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, create a new one altogether:

    Along with creating the profile, she’s done another telltale sign she’s looking for new work – she published a post on LinkedIn. Clearly, she’s pushing pretty hard for this position.

    Clinton isn’t the only presidential candidate on LinkedIn, merely the latest. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others have been longtime members, and President Barack Obama is a frequent blogger on LinkedIn. So it appears all job candidates

  • Practice Makes Perfect -

    Practice Makes Perfect

    This article was originally posted on hreonline.com By Carol Patton

    New research finds two-thirds of first-time leaders feel unprepared for their job, and experts say HR has a pivotal role in preparing the next generation of an organisation’s talent.

    As a global talent-management consultancy, Development Dimensions International recently wanted to learn more about job transitions—specifically, what happens behind the scenes of such moves.

    Do employees struggle with job changes or their first leadership role? What’s the most difficult adjustment they have to make? Who helps them during the transition?

    That was the focus of