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  • 10 Easy Ways To Be More Productive At Work -

    This article was originally published in Forbes.

    Understand Your Body’s Timetable

    It’s important to organize your day around your body’s natural rhythms, says Carson Tate, founder and managing partner of management consultancy Working Simply. Tackle complex tasks when your energy’s at its highest level. For many this may mean first thing in the morning, after you’ve rested and eaten. Save low-intensity, routine tasks for periods when you’re energy regularly dips, like late afternoon. Everyone is different, so it’s important to understand your own timetables, she says.

    Prioritize Prioritizing

    Prioritizing tasks takes a lot of

  • The 10 Laws of Sales Success -

    This article was originally published in Entrepreneur.

    A recent Gallup poll on the honesty and ethical conduct of business professionals found that insurance salespeople and car salespeople ranked at the bottom of the list. Bet you’re not surprised to hear this. But did you know that it’s not just car salespeople who have a bad reputation? Bill Brooks of the Brooks Group estimates that more than 85 percent of customers have a negative view of all salespeople.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way: You can prove the masses wrong, and

  • Have a Job Interview? 4 Ways to Look the Part on a Budget -

    This article was originally posted in Cheat Sheet.

    You already know what to wear to your next job interview: A suit. For years, men have been told that a nice, properly fitted suit is the best thing to wear if they’re looking to impress a future boss. But the truth is that getting dressed for an interview isn’t so simple.

    For one, there’s the question of whether you should be wearing a suit at all. While in most fields the suit is still the most appropriate interview attire, in creative and tech