Top Tips For That Big Interview!

In the world of sales recruitment you invariably get one chance to impress that hiring manager for your next step in a successful sales career!

Interviews are all about RISK! As a candidate you walk through those doors into the boardroom as a risk to your future employer... How you perform in the next hour will determine how you can reduce that risk enough to warrant a job offer and the investment of training, management and the promise of financial reward.

Here I have listed my top tips for any candidate making a step forward in their career:

  • Presentation: First impressions are all important. Dress smart, bring proof of achievements and note taking equipment where necessary.
  • Knowledge: Do your homework! Get to grips with your future employer. What do they do? Where are they in the market? who are their competitors?
  • Passion: A candidate with the right energy and body language will more often than not outperform a candidate who looks disinterested and lacklustre
  • Performance: Mentally store your biggest achievements, the strategy behind your success and how you intend to maintain that for your new employer.
  • Goals: Personal, professional goals both short and long term are key to any interview to understand what makes you tick!
  • The close: This varies in any interview scenario and you will have to feel this one out yourself.¬†Approximately 80% of our clients would prefer a candidate to go with a strong close to conclude an interview and secure the role!

Use these key tips as a guideline for future interviews. Remember that your potential as a salesperson/manager/director lies within yourself and not a complete reliance on tips and tricks. Put the work in, do your research and the confidence will flow!

Visit the following link for a more in-depth look at competency based interview questioning:

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